Rebirth of Liberty and Learning Campaign

Rebirth of Liberty and Learning Campaign

Help Expand Hillsdale’s Work

The Rebirth of Liberty and Learning Campaign marks Hillsdale’s commitment to secure endowment and capital funding to further the school’s work on campus, in the nation’s capital, and through its nationally recognized outreach programs.


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Pursuing Truth. Defending Liberty.

As set out in its original Articles of Association, Hillsdale College’s mission was once the mission of all American schools—the handing down of “sound learning” of the kind needed to perpetuate “the inestimable blessings resulting from the prevalence of civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety in the land.” For 170 years, Hillsdale College has remained true to this mission, while almost all others have abandoned it. Hillsdale College is widely known for its undiminished devotion to the liberal arts, its broad and deep core curriculum, its outstanding teaching faculty, and the caliber of its students.

Hillsdale’s liberal education is grounded in the logic that if Truth is universal, the study of what was will give us wisdom into what is and what will be. A Hillsdale College education is an education of consequence, for it prepares students to be conscientious citizens and to serve as leaders who will perpetuate the blessings of liberty.

Campaign Goals

$154.8 Million


Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships

Endowed scholarships create enduring tributes and memorials and assist generations of Hillsdale students.  To avoid regulatory interference from federal bureaucracy, Hillsdale replaces federal and state taxpayer subsidies for 100 percent of its financial aid program with private scholarships and grants.  Endowment for undergraduate scholarships will assist students of high merit, special talent, and financial need while preserving the College’s independence.

$28.5 Million

Chapel Renders

Chapel Construction and Endowment

The new chapel will be prominently located on the main campus.  Its classical architecture and soaring vaulted interior will enhance the existing campus structures with thirty thousand square feet of space and seating capacity for 1,350. Features include choir seating, expansive side aisles, three balconies, a beautiful portico, and a private chapel adjacent to the chancel. The chapel will serve as a much-needed place for worship, musical presentations, and academic ceremonies such as the all-campus convocations held each semester.

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$15 million


Barney Charter School Initiative Endowment

Through this program, Hillsdale College provides extensive help to groups of parents and teachers who establish classical charter schools that teach the liberal arts.  Hillsdale aids in the development of curricula, the training of headmasters and teachers, and other essential areas, all without accepting even one cent of government charter school money.  The Barney Initiative’s goal is to assist in the opening of fifty such schools nationwide by 2022.

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$12.3 Million


Searle Center

The new Searle Center features interior renovation of the dining hall and auditorium, a two-level expansion with new finishes and new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and extensive exterior modifications to include a new roof, west façade, colonnade, portico, and lobby.

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$20 Million


The Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center Endowment

With teaching as its primary purpose, the Kirby Center in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to reestablishing the fundamental conditions of freedom: true civic education in our schools and universities, a pride in self-government within society, and an understanding among our elected leaders of enduring principles.

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$9 Million


Churchill Project Endowment

A special endowment will fund conferences, student scholarships, publications, and extensive research associated with Winston S. Churchill. Hillsdale College will complete and republish the official biography, a project begun ten years ago; a portion of the endowment will guarantee that it remains continuously in print. Hillsdale will also publish ancillary works on Churchill and related subjects over time. Endowments for a faculty chair and student scholarships will support research activities; an online course will be developed; and marketing efforts will ensure that courses, conferences, and publications are available to a wide audience.

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$6.56 Million


John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center Endowment

Endowment funds will support the shooting club and teams, student scholarships, academic instruction, the Range Master, and maintenance operations. Programs held at the Halter Center promote interest in the shooting sports through the College’s Shotgun Team, the Shooting Sports Club, the annual Liberty and Learning Youth Conference, and the Ladies for Liberty Seminar and Shooting Camp.  Educational seminars focus on American history, free-market economics, and the Constitution. Undergraduate courses held at the Center include Basic Shotgun and Advanced Shotgun.

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$24 Million


Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship Endowment

Offering both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in politics, the graduate school educates students in political philosophy and American constitutionalism.  Students pursue careers in the academy, law, journalism, and public service broadly understood.  Endowed scholarships for graduate students are vital in order to attract top-tier students to this unique program.

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$7.25 Million

Audio Video

Film and Documentary Program Endowment

This program will train students in the field of documentary filmmaking and digital media. Endowment funds will provide for program staff, development of filmmaking courses, student scholarships and internships, equipment needs, and opportunities such as off-campus training and an annual student film festival.

How To Give

There are many convenient options for supporting Hillsdale College. Donate now using our online form, or contact our helpful Institutional Advancement staff to learn more about other ways to give.

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